About Us

To meet the different needs of our clients, we provide unique and effectual tutorial services and professional teachers to clients across the globe.
We aim not only to develop the academic proficiency of our clients but also their holistic well being.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer all students of different nationalities regardless of age with a quality educational experience through providing exposure to adequate training, coaching and assistance to their educational needs at the most convenient learning atmosphere.

Great support to students

We provide great sufficient support to students that will help them grow their confidence, skills, enhance knowledge and pass different examinations as well as getting them ready to face the competition of the future.

Flexible depending on your needs

ALFITA Tutorial Service offers different services that will cater the needs of the students at their desired time and ways either Center Based, Home Based or Online teaching.

One of the best tutors out there

We have best and smart teachers who are friendly and approachable that could meet your standard considering every individual is unique. We make sure that our teachers match the behavior of our student to ensure that there will be positive result, and that he can easily guide and help them in their homework, examination in the best possible way.

Our teachers are academically qualified, well trained and of different specialism and that make them different from others. They are very effective communicator with incredible good standard of behavior that you will be at rest when your child is with them. We arrange tutors according to the needs of the student and who are effective to the particular subject with relevant teaching experience.